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An amazing life lies beyond comfort

Episode Summary

In episode 46, I speak to actor, chiropractor, model and media personality, Tim Robards. Tim has a wonderful story of keeping the dream burning inside until the opportunity arises. Starting in the wellbeing space, but always with a burning desire to act, Tim created opportunities that led him from a successful chiropractic business to reality television and ultimately to his dream of acting on an international TV serial. The path to his dream was simple, he continually did things that were uncomfortable, because he knew something great would happen when he did. This is an amazing conversation you don't want to miss.

Episode Notes

I first saw Tim Robards on the reality show, 'The Bachelor' back in 2013 where he really impressed me with his approach to the show, and the ladies on the show. It's no surprise he met and married his wife, Anna, on that show and they had recently had their first child. It was a random meeting at Melbourne airport where I first met him and Anna, and I was very grateful for their openness to chat. 

Tim has a background as a chiropractor, but his passion was always to be an actor. His story of dreaming, working and getting way out of his comfort zone has helped him create an incredible life of passion and purpose. In addition to his appearance on 'The Bachelor', he has competed on 'Australian Ninja Warrior', acted in many TV commercials and finally, after 15 years, got his opportunity to act on the very popular TV serial, 'Neighbours.'

I love his attitude towards success. It's about having a go at things, even if they scare you. He made it a habit of getting out of his comfort zone time after time, starting when he was  child who was influenced by his grandmother to hug trees! What I got most out of this chat with Tim is that amazing opportunities and a great life lies beyond the comfort zone. This is a wonderfully inspiring conversation that I encourage you to listen to.

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