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Balancing stress

Episode Summary

In Episode 187, I again talk with wonderful author, speaker and coach, Kelly Myles. Coming from a hairdressing background, into business ownership, then to leadership and now into coaching, Kelly has found that many of the conversations she is having with her clients revolve around balancing stress in their lives. Stress is necceassy, however it can also be very dangerous, and when we understand where it comes from and how much control over it we actually have, balnacing stress is a simple thing to do This is a fun and powerful conversation, so enjoy.

Episode Notes

Kelly Myles and I go back many years and I consider her a wonderful friend. I am very grateful to have been with her on her journey to become an author and watch her courageously transition out of many decades in the hairdressing industry and into a coaching career that she is loving. Kelly is now having a powerful and profound impact on many lives through her coaching business. Not so surprising is how many of her clients are finding challenges when it comes to balancing stress in their lives. So, in this conversation we discuss it.

I think it is fair to say, we all deal with stress on a daily basis. There is a negative connotation to the word stress, as we seem to perceive it as a bad thing, however, stress is required for any growth, achievement or change. The challe occurs when we fixate on the wrong things. When this happens, stress can very quickly turn into a health threatening, relationship compromising, creativity crushing, and life damaging thing. So, there must be balance.

Kelly talks in detail about some very simple things we can all do to improve balance in life and when dealing with stress. We all want to use stress to propel us forward into a happy, successful, joyful and meaningful life, so the ideas Kelly suggests are powerful and critical. This is a wonderful conversation with Kelly that I enjoyed immensely and hope you do also, 

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