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Bowels and brains

Episode Summary

In episode 49, I speak again to inspiring author and PhD, Delia McCabe. While completing her Masters in Psychology, Delia discovered the critical role that nutrition plays in mental health, so she shifted her focus from psychology to nutritional neuroscience, and then completed a PhD with a focus on stress and nutrition at Adelaide Medical School. Delia now speaks to stress-resiliency, being able to harness her psychology background, in combination with her neuroscience and nutrition knowledge, In this podcast we discuss the importance of gut health as it relates to brain health and overall wellbeing. This is an amazing conversation you don't want to miss.

Episode Notes

Delia McCabe, PhD, is based on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia, is a powerful spokeswoman for enhancing mental well-being via targeted brain and gut nutrition, using the latest evidence from the field of nutritional neuroscience. Using her psychology background, in combination with her neurological and nutritional knowledge, Delia provides a unique perspective on improving cognitive function, including focus, concentration and learning capacity, shifting mood, enhancing our ability to manage stress and creating new habits with ease. 

Delia is one smart cookie, and not just because of her education and PhD, but very much because she eats to feed her her gut and her brain. In this session we discuss the fact that all disease, and all healing starts in the gut. Delia offers some simple and powerful ideas about how we can feed our gut to proliferate trillions of beneficial bacteria to enhance our brain health and our overall wellbeing.

Delia talks not just from a nutritional point of view, but also a neuroscientific and psychological point of view, which means she hits every area that is relevant if living a long happy and healthy life is the goal. In this podcast we talk about the right foods for optimal gut health, the facts on the impact of caffeine and alcohol and some insights about colonic irrigation. This is an informative and inspiring conversation and I am proud to share it.

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