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Catch. Wait. Reset

Episode Summary

In episode 178, I speak with author, speaker, coach and entrepreneur, Luke Mathers. Luke has helped thousands of people embrace their tribe, contribute with passion, and improve self-awareness. He gives people the hope, strategies and motivation to decrease overwhelm, stop burnout and change the areas of their life that need to change. Transforming an industry is stressful. As one of the original directors of Specsavers Australia, Luke learned first-hand that embracing the stress of disruption is the key to success. By helping people deal with getting good at stress by catching, waiting and resetting, Luke takes them from frazzled and overwhelmed to focused and aligned. This is an essential conversation for every single person.

Episode Notes

Luke Mathers transforms how people look at stress. Using neuroscience, ancient wisdom and the experience of 20+ years running successful businesses he coaches leaders, Olympians and elite athletes on how to harness the power of stress.

A career in health that saw him climbing to the peak of his professional pursuits for over two decades, Luke has always been passionate about personal and professional progress.   

As a former optometrist and business owner who achieved multiple business exits, Luke has worked hard to achieve business success, including being a part of the founding team to introduce several Specsavers franchises to Australia.

Over the last decade, Luke found his passion in helping others optimise their performance in life and business by redefining stress. After working with some of the countries top CEOs, brands and teams to achieve optimised performance through his three books,  personal coaching, workshops and events, Luke is now considered a top stress expert and performance coach.

In this podcast we get raw and real, and discuss how to do stress better and harness the power of emotion to get great results in life. It was through great tragedy that Luke's book 'Reset' was born, and now he lives by the code of Catch, Wait, Reset.

This is a wonderful conversation, that will inspire you, challenge you, and entertain you. Please enjoy.

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