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Choose happiness

Episode Summary

In episode 33, I speak to fitness instructor, spokesmodel and mind-body wellness coach, Amanda Webster. In October of 2018, she stood on the ledge of a Canadian hotel room, ready to end her life. A song playing at the right place and at the right time brought her down, and she made a pact with herself. She was going to give it her all for one year and If she still felt the same desolation after that, she gave herself permission to jump. In those two years, what Amanda learned about choosing happiness changed her own life and will do the same for you. This is an inspirational podcast you really don't want to miss.

Episode Notes

Amanda Webster suffered trauma after trauma in her younger years which led to some serious mindset and emotional challenges. Years of therapy, prescriptions, journaling, Yoga and self-help books still left her struggling with unmanageable clinical depression that she masked with drugs, alcohol and self-harm. It got to the point where she stood on the window ledge of a foreign hotel room, ready to end her life. Fate stepped in, by way of a song, and moved her to step off that ledge and choose to give life and happiness one more chance.

It took a careful and mindful combination of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes, but she overcame depression and suicide on her own terms. She found the answers to help her choose happiness, despite the tragedy in her life, and consequently she went on to develop her five puzzle pieces to boost happiness. She has helped countless others make sustainable changes that have drastically improved their mental and physical health and, thus, their lives. 

It is Amanda's personal mission to help as many people as possible, whether they’ve tried everything else and are feeling lost and defeated, or simply want to reach their highest potential of happiness and self-fulfilment. She is an incredibly wise and powerful communicator, so I know you will enjoy my conversation with Amanda Webster.

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