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Episode Summary

In episode 69, I speak with author, speaker, wellness business owner and famous coin flipper, Bruce Molloy. This is a podcast and story that will blow your mind. Bruce found himself in a very dark place after losing everything important to him. With nothing else to lose, he decided to give his immediate future to the flip of a coin he found on the dashboard of his camper van. That one coin flip started a journey that totally transformed his life. Trust me, this is a paradigm shifting and inspiring podcast you do not want to miss.

Episode Notes

In 2018 Bruce Molloy could not have found himself at a darker place in life. Ironically, just a few months before losing his job, his relationship and his home, he had purchased a camper van to go on some travels with his then partner. As he contemplated his situation, and with some very dark thoughts, he spotted a twenty cent coin wedged between the windscreen and the dashboard of his camper van. He picked it up and, with nothing else to lose, decided to flip the coin to direct his next move.

That simple and single flip of the coin, started Bruce on a wonderful journey of travel, experiences, enlightenment and freedom, that he still enjoys to this day. It took him around Australia and over to Bali. It helped him face and overcome many fears. It was the reason why he wrote his book in just 10 days. It was what brought him back to Australia where he started his business Black Dog Green. 

I was mesmerised as I listened to Bruce talk about this incredible journey. As soon as it was over, I flipped a coin to work out what I would have for dinner that night, and I ended up cooking something that I had not previously considered, It was yummy.  I know you will be totally engrossed  by Bruce in this podcast. Hopefully it will inspire you to flip a coin and let go of some of the things holding you back from living the life of adventure that is waiting for you. Enjoy this incredible conversation.

Find out more about Bruce and Black Dog Green and order his book here.

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