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Freedom from addiction

Episode Summary

In episode 215, I speak with recovered sex addict, Logan Hufford. Logan is no longer in bondage to sexual addiction. Being able to say those words is the 2nd biggest blessing in his life, after salvation through Jesus Christ. He spent years actively destroying his marriage, his life, and the lives of many others. He was an addicted to pornography, affairs, and much more. In 2016, God began to change all that. His life & marriage is now something he literally could not have fathomed, 8 years ago. He sincerely believes his mission on this earth is to share with others, how that happened. Because it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t quick, and he didn’t do it on my own. This is a powerful conversation, everyone needs to hear.

Episode Notes

Logan Hufford is a born and raised Alaskan, married to his gorgeous bride Carrie, who herself is a 4th-generation Alaskan; and together they are raising 4 amazing but crazy little boys. Their life is a simple one - they love their family time, their dogs, and exploring the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. 

Logan and his wife Carrie now each lead Recovery groups, doing what they can to give back by sharing the gifts that God has given them. Both are now helping people overcome what they both had to overcome. Logan dealt with a relentless sexual addiction since he was 9 years old, and Carrie had to say strong in the face of a torrent of trauma that came from being married to a sex addict. Both went through challenging but transformational healing and now are helping others do the same.

Logan is a lover of all things sports - especially playing basketball as much as possible, and enjoying the NFL (Go Colts!) Since January of 2021, Logan has been blessed to be able to use many of the tools he’s learned in Addiction Recovery, as a Dave Ramsey-endorsed personal finance coach. He’s honored to help folks find freedom & healthy living, in a different venue than just specifically recovery.

Addiction is an issue for every person, and, sexual addiction is one that is rampant, but often hidden, and is having catastrophic effects on lives and families. This is an open, raw and essential conversation for everyone to hear.

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