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Hitting the drop zone

Episode Summary

In episode 51, I speak to the incredible Ossie Khan. Ossie has been a skydiver for more than 27 years, has done over 10,000 jumps and is proud to state that he has never had a broken bone. Ossie is committed to his own health and wellbeing as well as that of the people he is responsible for. He runs a successful skydiving school and corporate speaking business, and is on a mission to help people face and overcome their fears, create success processes, become accountable and 'hit the drop zone' in their own lives. This is an amazing conversation you don't want to miss.

Episode Notes

Ossie Khan is doing amazing things. Not only does he jump out of planes on a regular basis, he helps many people face and overcome their fears to do the same thing. His 27 plus years of experience and lessons have led him to a successful career as a sky-diver, teacher, speaker and encourager, and led him to say,  “Skydiving at its core is about reading situations, making decisions and being accountable for your actions."

When he declared that he had done over 10,000 jumps and never once broken a bone, I was  interested. He explains that the reason why is because he is always focussed on and committed to the preparation and process required to get everything done properly, even if it takes longer than he would like.  Ossie says that when you follow the process, hitting the drop-zone safely and successfully is a predictable outcome.

The drop-zone is a metaphor for any or all of the things you want to successfully experience and achieve in your life. In this discussion, Ossie and I talk about the power of process, accountability and moving through fear if hitting the drop-zone in any area is a goal. This is a wonderfully inspiring conversation that I encourage you to listen to.

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