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Episode Summary

In Episode 152, I speak with personal trainer, author, and coach, Martin Henry. At 60 years of age, Martin is not only defying his age, with his wellbeing, but also a debilitating chronic condition that has plagued his entire family of five.This incredible man has a strong faith and an attitude that he will find joy every single day, no matter the circumstances. His success and happiness in life are the result him moving forward, whether a trudge or a stride, every single day. Trust me, this is a powerful and inspiring conversation, not to be missed.

Episode Notes

Martin Henry said: It was on my second 10-day residential healthy eating and living retreat that this principle finally sunk in, that the body was made to win, to thrive, to heal. Give it the right nutrition, the right training and conditions and it will do all it can to bring itself back to health. Of course there are many occasions when more than this is needed, I am all for Doctors and the medical world, but much of what we encounter our body is designed to overcome, and so it was with me.

His own body, and those of his wife and three children, are all affected by the same chronic and incredibly debilitating condition that many would consider a barrier to living a joyful life. But, not the Henry family. No matter what they are experiencing they have dedicated themselves to finding joy and gratitude every day, but also moving forward no matter hard it may seem. It has been this trudging to triumph which saw Martin become incredible successful in business, and then help navigate his family though the day to day challenges of chronic issues.

Martin is now a personal trainer, helping many, soon-to-be an author, and is changing lives every single day. This is one of the most inspiring conversations, with one of the most humble people I have ever had. There is so much richness in everything Martin discusses, and I know this conversation will impact many lives, starting with your own.  

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