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Let's talk about sex

Episode Summary

In Episode 141, I talk with author, speaker and coach, Kelly Myles. Coming from a hairdressing background, into business ownership, then to leadership and now into coaching, Kelly has found that many of the conversations she is having with her clients revolve around sex and relationships. So, when she suggested we do a podcast about sex, I was all in! I am not going to say too much more, I mean let's face it, who needs to be convinced to listen to a conversation about better sex? Certainly not I! This is a fun and powerfully sexy conversation, so enjoy.

Episode Notes

Kelly Myles and I go back many years. I am very grateful to have been with her on her journey to become an author and watch her courageously transition out of many decades in the hairdressing industry and into a coaching career that she is loving. Kelly is now having a powerful and profound impact on many lives through her coaching business. It's interesting how many of her clients are finding challenges with their relationships and sex life. So, in this conversation we discuss it.

We all love sex, and we all want great sex, yet for so many people - including myself for many years - sex has been more a source of stress and anxiety than one of joy and pleasure. Whilst there are many short term, quick-fix, and gimmicky suggested solutions out there to help people improve sexual performance, the key seems to have very little to do with sex at all. It's all about communication and connection.

Kelly talks in detail about some very simple things we can all do to improve connection, improve communication and significantly improve intimacy. None of which involves tablets, toys, or toe-touching! This is one of those conversations that is relevant to every person, no matter age, gender, or relationship status. This is a wonderful conversation with Kelly that I enjoyed immensely and hope you do also, 

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