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Life is not a competition

Episode Summary

In episode 85, I speak with former Australian Netballer, Susan Meaney, known affectionately as Meaners! Susan was a focussed and determined athlete who played Netball at the highest level for many years, including 9 games for her country, Australia. Since retirement, she is a mother of four, and has many roles in sport, Netball and empowering young people. One of her greatest challenges was transitioning from elite sport to life as a mother, and she has done it beautifully. The greatest realisation she had in this journey, was that life is not a competition, it's to be enjoyed. This is an entertaining and inspiring conversation not to be missed.

Episode Notes

I first met Susan Meaney when she was senior leader, amazing athlete and Australian player with the Melbourne Phoenix Netball Club. Myself and my good friend Craig Harper had the privilege of doing the strength and conditioning work for the team for several years. She was a super-focussed and incredibly disciplined athlete who made the most of her time as a player, going on to play close to 250 games at the highest level, including 9 for her country. 

Susan was way more than an incredible athlete. She was a great leader of people and did so by example and by encouraging (and entertaining) her team mates. When her first son came along, she decided to leave the sport as a player and focus on being the best mother she could be. Now with four children, Meaners (as I call her), has been able to find  and love her new life as a mother, but also as an influencer in sport and with the younger generation coming through.  How she transitioned from elite sport to amazing mum, is a wonderful story all parents, sports people and, in fact, everyone, needs to hear.

The comment that resonated with me the most was when Meaners said, 'life is not a competition', and that comparison with others will never lead to happiness. She suggested we stay in our own lane, which I love. Susan is focused on her own wellbeing, her family and making a difference in the lives of people she comes into contact with. This is a powerful, inspiring and wonderful conversation you do not want to miss.

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