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Minutes matter

Episode Summary

In episode 186, I speak with author, speaker, and the 'life is too short guy', Scott White, Scott is the happiest guy you will ever meet. After spending over a decade in investment banking on Wall Street, and after some traumatic and heart-breaking events in his life, he realised that life is short and that every minute matters. Now Scott is on a mission to make the world happier, one smile at a time. With his endless energy, he motivates and inspires everyone he meets to focus on happiness, gratefulness, and positivity. This is a positive, joyful, and inspiring conversation not to be missed

Episode Notes

Is today your best day ever? Are you happy, grateful, motivated, and living your best life? Today is your day to answer with a definitive yes to these questions! 

Scott White is The Life Is Too Short Guy. He takes you on an inspiring and emotional journey as he weaves together thought-provoking personal stories and the stories of others who have had major AHA! moments in life, to share the key principles of The Life Is Too Short Guy “LITSG” philosophy. Explore the LITSG philosophy and how to use it daily. It was four significant and traumatic situations in his life that moved Scott to realise that minutes really matter, and since then Scott has decided live every moment, love his life and help others do the same.

Some of the principles we discuss include: 

• Attitude is Everything – The Power of Positivity 

• Funny Things Are Everywhere 

• Minutes Matter 

• Take a Chance and Get it Done Today 

• Can’t Make it Alone 

Scott will give listeners a practical roadmap to make the most of every minute and to live a happier and more fulfilling life. You only have so many minutes in your life, don’t waste another one. Take the tools you learn make today, and every day, The Best Day Ever!

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