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Olympian Mindset

Episode Summary

In episode 84, I speak with Australian Olympian and Commonwealth Games medalist, Jemima Montag. In addition to finishing 6th in the world in the 20km race-walk in Tokyo at the recent Olympic Games, Jemima is consistently recognised for her leadership and speaking skills. She presents to schools, workplaces and sporting clubs about resilience, goal setting and an Olympian's mindset. Jemima hopes to forge a career in public health, soon to embark on the Doctor of Medicine. At 23 years old Jemima is wise beyond her years, and you will be inspired as you tap into the mindset of an Olympian. Enjoy this amazing conversation.

Episode Notes

Jemima Montag is an impressive young lady. At just 23 years of age, she impressed me beyond belief. Her sporting achievements include: 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, 6th place, 2019 World Championships, 10th place, 2019 World University Games, silver medal and 2018 Commonwealth Games, gold medal. In addition to her sporting prowess, she is an academic with a science degree and has accepted place to become a Doctor of Medicine at Melbourne University. But that's not all. 

She has a passion to lead, help and inspire people all around the world, particularly young ladies. She already has many leadership roles including: 2021 International Olympic Committee Young Leader, 2021 International Working Group for Women in Sport Conference Global Project team leader for ‘Systems, Resources & Investment’, 2020 Community engagement ambassador for Australian Institute of Sport’s ‘Share A Yarn’ initiative, 2017 Maccabi Australia flag bearer at the Maccabi Games, 2016 Wesley College prefect for Charities and Community Service committee, captain of firsts cross country team and leader of the Senior Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and 2015 Co-captain of Australian athletics team at the World Youth Championships in Cali, Colombia.

In this podcast we get into the mind of an Olympian. Jemima had many struggles and challenges in her aspirations to get to Tokyo, and she offers some incredible insights that can help every person, no matter their aspirations in life. This is a powerful, inspiring and wonderful conversation you do not want to miss.

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