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Episode Summary

In episode 106, I speak with author and internationally acclaimed speaker, John Maher. I am proud to have been a part of John publishing his first book, 'Carmen's Legacy'. It was a tough book to write, as it is all about, not just his own life-altering car crash, but about losing his 18-year-old daughter, Carmen, in a car crash just two years later. Since that time, 26 years ago, John has been on a mission to save lives on the roads, and save families the pain and suffering that he and his family has suffered since losing Carmen. This podcast is about love, respect, family and cuddles. Get a box of tissues and trust me when I say, this is a powerfully passionate and inspiring conversation, not to be missed.

Episode Notes

John Maher is an International Keynote Speaker and bestselling author on Road Safety, Risk, and Family. His life journey is one of incredible triumph over tragedy. When a serious car accident derailed his life, he was 42 years old, a successful businessman with a wonderful family that included four beautiful daughters. Doctors told him he would never work again. After surgeries, rehabilitation, and therapy, John was on the road to at least a partial recovery, when an even a greater tragedy struck his family when the youngest of his four daughters, 18-year-old Carmen, lost her life in a car accident. 

This was the most devastating of events redefining his life. Determined to do something positive about his tragedies, he began to speak to young people at secondary colleges and corporations all over Australia about how fragile and precious life is. John’s true-life story of his car crash, and then 2 years later that of his young daughter’s death in yet another car accident has inspired John to becoming a champion of road safety, using Carmen’s story to educate young drivers on safe driving. 

John's talk is considered as the best road safety presentation you’ll ever hear; it will change your life. Nominated for the National Australia Day Council “Australian of the Year Award” in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017.  – Winner of the Victorian “Regional Achievement & Community Awards” in the category of SAFETY in 2014 – Winner of the “Ballarat Safe City Award” in the category of Road Safety in 2015 – Awarded the CommBank “Australian of the Day: on Friday December 4, 2015. Featured in all forms of media for his work, John is in high demand as a celebrated International speaker, and his true-life story motivates and empowers people. After you listen to this podcast, you will be guaranteed to never again take your family and friends for granted, and keep looking for opportunities to give one more cuddle.

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