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Pants on at 100

Episode Summary

In episode 143, I talk to yoga guru and age-defyer, Kathy White. Kathy developed her Joint Renewal System(TM) when she turned 50, and despite teaching yoga for over 20 years, her joints were aching, her menopausal symptoms were raging, and she was not gaining any benefit from her practice any more. She retrained in the Kaiut method and has now refined it into a jointful yoga for active men and women over 50 who want to keep on doing the sports and activities they love. Her goal is to help people put on their own pants at the age of 100. This is an essential conversation, everyone, irrespective of age, needs to hear.

Episode Notes

Kathy White's own yoga journey began when she was 25 years old, many years ago. She hated aerobics (which was all the rage in the 80's) as it just made her face red, her blood pound and she felt awful afterwards!  She wanted to try something else.  She was a keen cyclist and swimmer and yoga fitted her personality.  When she was in her 30's Yoga helped when she lost her first child  - he was stillborn and she felt very very disconnected from her body when he died.  Yoga gradually allowed her to regain that connection and helped her birth her two children. 

As an older mum, age 40+ with two young kids, yoga helped Kathy keep up with them, play on the floor, climb the trees (which she still loves to do today). However Yoga, when she turned 50 was no longer working in the same way, or at least the practice she'd been doing until then was not addressing her stiff joints, sore back, and painful knees.  Then she discovered Kaiut.  An amazing practice from Brazil.  She retrained and over the next 5 years and developed her Joint Renewal System (TM).  So amazing the transformation, she can't even remember which knee it was that used to hurt so much.

Kathy wants to leave a legacy of people living freely in their bodies, and to help people understand that their mindset is often the place that is stuck.  She wants to help people be open to learn new movements and new ways to approach restrictions, tightness, stiffness and pain in the body with mindfulness and kindness.  She would love everyone to know that a sustainable yoga practice starts today, but lasts for life. She wants to help people put on their pants when they are 100.

Kathy is from the UK, she lived in the spiritual community of Findhorn in NE Scotland for over 23 years and in 2018 moved to Vancouver Island, where she achieved a long time dream and opened a yoga studio in the basement of her home. When she speaks about yoga, there is so much she can share, with stories about students (including her 91 year old dad who practices twice a week with her), her own personal journey, and ways in which yoga has truly transformed lives. 

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