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Powerful pauses

Episode Summary

In episode 214, I speak with author, meditation teacher and yoga instructor, Ann Swanson. From Virginia, USA, Ann decided to go on a holiday to Hawaii and never returned. For good reason. It was a place of calm away from the stress of mainland USA. It's where she truly learned to become peaceful and heal her pain. It's where she met her husband, and it is the best place for her to write, to practice, and to teach. She beautifully simplifies meditation as she just encourages people to take powerful pauses, and simply meditate while they wait. This is an awesome conversation, not to be missed.

Episode Notes

Ann Swanson teaches meditation to busy people with busy minds. She is the author of the bestselling book Science of Yoga, which has been translated into over 15 languages. Her new book, Meditation for the Real World, illuminates the fascinating science behind meditation with step-by-step practices to find peace in everyday life. 

However, Ann wasn’t a naturally “chill person,” and meditation didn’t come easy to her. Overcoming chronic pain and anxiety led her to India to study yoga, to China to explore tai chi, and, ultimately, to earn a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy. She says:

I dealt with anxiety so extreme I’d pass out, chronic pain since my teens, and debilitating perfectionism. Listen, if I can meditate, anyone can. Now, I help busy people with busy minds meditate using science-backed practices that work. My first book, SCIENCE OF YOGA, has sold over half a million copies, and my second book was just released. I collaborated with a Harvard meditation researcher and a New York Times illustrator to write Meditation for the Real World. I'm excited to teach your audience how to cross meditation off their to-do list and, instead, integrate realistic practices into their lives! You don't have to sit in silence on the floor for 20 minutes a day; even one-minute meditations can make a surprising and immediate difference!

Now, Ann blends cutting-edge research with ancient wisdom, resulting in realistic techniques you’ll find yourself integrating into your day! Order her new book at for exclusive bonuses available to our listeners. This is a wonderful conversation, not to be missed

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