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Episode Summary

In episode 27, I speak to inspirational GP, personal & corporate wellness coach, Kelly-Anne Garnier. What a wonderful story about staying true to your passion. Kelly has always had a passion and desire to be a doctor, but it was quite a journey spanning many years and many miles before the dream was realised. Now she is wasting no time to make a difference in the wellbeing and lives of many people. She has a unique perspective as a GP and a wellness coach and shares some powerful ideas in this conversation. This is a podcast you really don't want to miss.

Episode Notes

Born in South Africa, Kelly-Anne Garnier always had a dream and a passion to become a doctor and help people. After starting that journey, it was waylayed as her path redirected her to Australia and into the business banking sector. Yes, a long way from being a doctor! She was very successful in the banking world, but had a nagging feeling that it was not her path. So, she again started working towards her dream to become a doctor.

It was meant-to-be that the MBA she studied to get into banking was the pre-requisite she needed to study medicine in Australia. This is testament to the fact that there are no accidents in life. Since becoming a GP, Kelly is making a difference in many lives. Not only is she working in private practice in Melbourne, Australia, she is a wellness coach for both private and corporate clients.

Her mission is to create a powerful collaboration between medicine and wellness and encourage people to present themselves to a trusted GP and find someone to partner with them as they take control of their own wellbeing. Her background in both business and medicine has impacted the strategies she brings into her coaching practice. She tailors her approach based on science and research, but also real life experience. You will be totally inspired by this conversation, so enjoy...

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