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Put the spring in your thing!

Episode Summary

In episode 53, I speak again to inspiring author and speaker, Heather Rendulic. In her early twenties, with her life ahead of her, Heather was diagnosed with a brain condition called Cavernous Angioma, in simple terms, a lesion in her brain. Over the next 11 months, five bleeds led her to a nine hour brain surgery, which left Heather fighting for her life. As she went into the surgery, Heather's mindset was strong and positive that she would regain her independence and live a great life. Now, she is! Heather and I talk about how to 'put the spring in your thing!' This is an amazingly inspiring conversation you don't want to miss.

Episode Notes

Heather Rendulic wants to live in a world where everyone feels empowered when they face life’s challenges. She knows how hard life can get. As a young stroke and brain surgery survivor, she learned the tools needed to become an overcomer. When she’s not working as a Human Resources Professional, Heather is sharing her message of hope as a motivational speaker, mentor and author as she shares the art of finding beauty in the chaos and helping people put 'the spring in their thing!'

Put the spring in your thing! What does that mean? It means giving power and strategy to anything you want to achieve. At the age of just 31, Heather has the wisdom and perspective of a person much older. What she didn't realise for the first 22 years of her life, was that she was effectively a ticking time bomb. Inside her brain was a cavernous angioma, a lesion, that was just growing and getting ready to rupture at any time. Well, it actually happened 5 times over an 11 month period and led to a nine hour brain surgery to remove it. As she woke from the surgery, paralysed, the sight of her sister sobbing and to be married 6 months later, led Heather to say, 'Stop your sobbing, I'll be dancing at your wedding.'

Amazingly, despite all professional opinions, Heather 'put the spring in her thing,' and was dancing at her sister's wedding. In fact, her attitude and the things she did to get herself there will inspire you and motivate you beyond belief. Heather has recently published her first book, Headstrong, and on April 8/9 she and I will deliver an online session, called, 'Put the spring in your thing!' Enjoy my wonderful conversation with Heather Rendulic.

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