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Sleep, beautiful sleep

Episode Summary

In Episode #36, I talk to Dr Lillian Nejad, clinical psychologist, author, speaker and media personality. In this conversation Lillian talks about her experiences and observations over the course of 2020, but also her insights, ideas and strategies she has used to help many people overcome insomnia and enjoy the benefits of quality and quantity sleep. You will love my converstaion with her.

Episode Notes

Lillian Nejad, PhD, is a registered and endorsed clinical psychologist, author and media personality with over 20 years of experience in the assessment and treatment of individuals with mild to severe psychological issues and disorders. Her mission is to promote accurate and nonjudgmental views on mental health, and to provide REAL information and strategies for a variety of psychological problems, issues and disorders based on REAL evidence and REAL experience in an accessible, genuine and engaging manner that fosters positive change for everyone involved.

Lillian is the author of several books and programs, including those on overcoming insomnia and enjoying beautiful, health-giving and restorative sleep. As the world deals with the stress and uncertainty of an unusual 2020, Dr Lillian offers some wonderful insights, ideas and strategies to help you, or anyone you know suffering insomnia (for any reason), rediscover the joy of peaceful sleep.

This conversation with Lillian is intriguing, inspiring and very informative, as she explain the amazing benefits of great sleep habits and offers some simple yet powerful strategies to make it a reality. She will help every single person, who listens to this podcast, to enjoy better rest which will flow on to help them experience more benefits in every area of life.

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