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Slivers of recovery

Episode Summary

In Episode 113, I speak with Leanne Spencer, who is a keynote speaker, best-selling author and wellbeing consultant, She has specialised in wellbeing for over ten years. Leanne has over 13 qualifications in exercise and nutrition, but began her career in sales and spent over 15 years working in the City of London before leaving in 2012 to set up an award-winning wellbeing company, after suffering from burnout. Now Leanne is not only an adventure addict, but is also acutely aware of the need for regular recovery. She refers to it as slivers of recovery. It is an inspiring and powerful conversation you do not want to miss.

Episode Notes

The story of Leanne Spencer starts in March 2012. She was working for a market data company in the City of London; her career had spanned about 17 years but she was bored and unfulfilled, and self-medicating against increasing stress levels with alcohol (lots of it, daily). She felt like she was wasting her life, bouncing from pay day to pay day and living in an increasingly unsustainable way. Things came to a head one afternoon in March, as she was crossing over London Bridge having left a client meeting and had just received bad news about a deal she was expecting to hit my sales target. She was burned out, chronically abusing alcohol and several stone overweight. In addition to that, everything she was doing and saying lacked authenticity. It was time for a drastic change.

On Monday morning she resigned. She was free, but unemployed and with very little in her savings account. It was a nervous time because she had no clear plan about what she was going to do next. She realised what she wanted to do was really at the intersection of two things: business and health, so that was the genesis of her company, Bodyshot. Since then, she has written three bestselling books, hosts two podcasts, has been written about in Entrepreneur Magazine and have spoken for companies such as Odeon Cinemas, DAZN, Britvic, Zurich Insurance, iTech Media, Bacardi, Thoughtworks, Moonbug Entertainment, Flywire and many more. Her personal values are to live truthfully, considerately and to "suck all the marrow out of life" to paraphrase the poet Thoreau. 

In this fabulous podcast we discuss the key aspects of living a life of joy, and totally aligned with identity, values and purpose. The key area we focus on is recovery and how to simply and easily incorporate slivers of recovery into even the most hectic of lifestyles. This truly is a wonderful conversation I know you will benefit from.

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