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Episode Summary

In Episode 161, I speak with PT, Founder & head coach at Aussie Blokes Strength Society, Billy Ballard.It's been a rocky road for Billy as he now settles into a career with a passion to help young people and men live their best lives. Now a personal trainer and online coach, he struggled with serious drug addiction for many years until the decision was made to change his life. He is now committed to spreading the love and unconditionally helping anyone who reaches out to him. This is a powerful and inspiring podcast, not to be missed.

Episode Notes

Billy Ballard was a young man with an adventurous and rebellious spirit, which combined with the wrong association led him down a path of drug addiction. Almost destroying his own life, he made the call and admitted himself  to three years of rehabilitation, These were tough years, but those which transformed him and his life.

He came out the other side with an empathy for young people and a passion to help them overcome the circumstances they had found themselves in. He worked with troubled youth, regularly finding himself at the wrong end of a knife, but  leading with love and empathy was able to have a powerful and profound impact on many young lives.

He is now Founder & head coach at Aussie Blokes Strength Society. This program is designed for men that want to level up in all areas of life with physical fitness and strength being the catalyst.  It is a 16 week program when you will be given 1:1 support for the duration including a tailored training program & meal plan, 1:1 support, 24/7 access to Billy, weekly check ins, and group coaching calls with other men chasing the same goal. The coaching is run through his very own app where he is in every single exercise video tutorial so you will never have to question how to perform a movement.  On top of this you will have access to his course, teaching you how you create a bulletproof sense of self & have absolute certainty on your values and vision. Trust me, do not miss this real, raw and powerful conversation.

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