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Episode Summary

In episode 135, I speak with speaker, coach, author, and absolute inspiration Bethany Boring. Bethany is the epitome of joy, faith and thriving. She was born into this world with more challenges than she deserved; deafness, blindness, heart issues and physical deformity. Yet, I have not met a more joy-filled and purpose-driven lady in my life. Despite her challenges, she has a strong faith, and is committed to help people live the best life they can, no matter what their circumstances. This conversation will move you, inspire you, and empower you to get up and move forward in your life.

Episode Notes

When you are born with multiple significant challenges, it would be easy to wallow in self-pity, blame others and complain about your misfortune. It would also be difficult to find faith in a God that would allow it. Yet, Bethany Boring defies the odds, and is living an extra-ordinary life without many of the physical functions that most of us take for granted. She is very clear that her physical challenges are her gift, and allow her the platform to do what she does so magnificently - help and inspire others.

Bethany now, in addition to her books and her speaking,  specifically offers private coaching, group coaching, courses, and recovery experiences to help trauma survivors (on any level) find relief, stay grounded in the present and feel alive in their unique calling again. She walks together with her clients to help them enjoy learning how to navigate their emotions and connect closely with others in new meaningful ways. She believes that... Your story has a place and a purpose. You are not alone. Now is the time to start tuning into the story God is writing inside of you. 

Every time I talk with Bethany I feel light and inspired, and this chat is no different. If you are ready to break through the things that are hold you back, if you are ready to step out and thrive in your life, then this conversation is for you. Trust me when I say, this is a Podcast not to be missed.

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