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The calling

Episode Summary

In episode 123, I speak with former professional singer and now career engagement and talent exchange business owner and app developer, Jeff Teale. He says, "it's taken me 37 years to reach a point where I feel I'm well aligned to delivering my life's purpose!" He was an aspiring professional footballer and then almost accidentally became a singer travelling the world and entertaining for 10 years. It sounds glamorous, but it wasn't his passion, and so it caused him incredible stress, mental and physical health issues, However, the trauma he experienced in this career, helped him find his calling and he went on to start a business and develop an App in the career engagement and talent exchange space. He now spends his time helping people find and create great joy in their income producing hours. This is a paradigm-shifting and inspiring podcast, not to be missed.

Episode Notes

Jeff Teale is passionate about helping people turn their career hours into a meaning, fulfilling and joyful part of their lives. He spent many years of his life doing something that would seem to many as living the dream. However, he was not happy and even though he was travelling the world as a successful entertainer, he was not living his passion, and at the end of the day just doing it for the money. It was just a job. So, he went on a mission to use his experiences to find his calling in life.

Recognising that the time people spend in their income producing pursuit is the majority of their waking hours, he dedicated himself to helping people find their calling in life. He started HeXTalent, a Melbourne based Talent eXchange and Career Engagement business. Traditional agency recruitment models have remained unchanged for decades. In many ways the processes are outdated and broken! He wanted to know why haven’t they changed and discovered that it was because owners & consultants can ignore the negative ‘recruiter’ stigma & ‘commercially driven’ (often neglectful) processes, when they see the dollar signs and realise their earning potential.

HeXTalent hopes to challenge industry norms by providing an alternative (cost effective) engagement model for clients and a far more connected and humanistic career journey for talent. Now just four years in, he has found his passion and has created an App called HeXComm, to help people connect their career with their wellbeing. This is a conversation everyone needs to listen to and will change lives.

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