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The law of GOYA

Episode Summary

In episode 147, I speak with author, coach, trainer, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur, Michael Harris. Michael’s quick wit, deep insights and a bit of dry humor will have you wanting more. One of Michael’s many passions is to help as many people as possible get their message, story and voice out to the world. Michael considers himself “passionately diverse.” He will bring compelling stories to your listeners about everything from his early entrepreneurial ventures as a kid, surviving new fatal health issues, addiction and how nature reveals to us how to take a quantum leap in any area we want. Michael has not only overcome his challenges, but is now living an amazing life, all because of the law of G.O.Y.A. If you want to know what that means, you will have to listen to this wonderful conversation.

Episode Notes

Michael Harris is an author, coach, trainer, yoga teacher, entrepreneur and co-founder of Endless Stages.  One of his specialties is helping anyone move from fear of speaking in front of others to powerfully sharing their message with any size group or audience. For years he struggled with health issues, addictions and low self-esteem. Then one day he decided he'd had enough and became willing to make a change. It wasn’t easy. He had to stop dreaming about what he wanted - and begin to take massive action by applying the Law of GOYA. Everything changed through sobriety, walking, food and yoga.  Many of his friends and colleagues urged him to use his metamorphosis to inspire others.

At one point, Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) reminded him that “your mess is your message.”  Jack went on to join Michael's book launch for His #1 bestselling book, "Falling Down Getting UP”.  He has owned (or partnered) in several successful yoga studios - and in his prior business coached other studio owners around the world on attracting and enrolling new students - while increasing revenue and profits (over $40 million in sales).  He's helped certify about 7,000 yoga teachers and as a teacher, my primary focus in class, is to help the students calm the mind and increase awareness.  

Whilst Michael will always teach yoga, his main focus today is to help others break free from the constraints that are holding them back, through the law of GOYA, and then, use podcasting, books, and speaking to get their message to the world. He believes everyone has a story that will impact lives. This conversation and this story is one that will impact your life, so strap yourself in and enjoy.

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