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Time to laugh

Episode Summary

In episode 82, it's great to have Craig Harper back on the show. He is a great friend and former business partner of mine. He is an accomplished speaker, author, radio presenter, PhD student and host of globally acclaimed 'the You Project' podcast. One of the things I always do with Craig, among many others, is laugh. With current events in the world causing stress, anxiety and challenges for many people, Craig and I decided now is definitely time to laugh. Our stories are goofy, our humour is childish, our intention is grand and our goal is to help you laugh, no matter what is happening in your life. I hope this is a fun podcast that will at least make you smile!

Episode Notes

Craig Harper and I go back many decades and he is a great friend and former business partner of mine. He is a powerful speaker, prolific  author, popular radio presenter and host of globally acclaimed the 'You Project' podcast. We are back together in this podcast with a mission to make you laugh. Well, at least smile. I always laugh with Craig, and have done for many decades. As we discuss, laughter is a powerful anecdote to fight against all the darkness and negatives in the world and will absolutely help with your mood, attitude, relationships, and your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

I do need to apologise in advance for some of our stories. As personal trainers, many of the humorous things that happened involve people, body parts and bodily functions! Our goal is to make you laugh, but please don't miss the profound lessons that emerge every time I talk with Craig Harper. It is our hope that, as you listen to this conversation, you will forget about the stresses in your life, and laugh at the two goofballs talking.

In a time when bad news, seriousness, adversity, and darkness is rife, laughter is the only cure for what ails ya. As you listen to this podcast, please prepare yourself to laugh and then, the joy and hope that will flood  into your life afterwards. I would love to hear from you and how you felt as you get to the end of this conversation. It is my greatest desire that you will enjoy this engaging, inspiring, fun, silly and hilarious conversation with Craig Harper.

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