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Weep the tears

Episode Summary

In episode 64, I enjoy an incredibly inspiring and insightful conversation with author, speaker and founder of the Quest For Life Foundation, Petrea King. Petrea and the foundation is focused on helping people through trauma and to live their best lives possible. After being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and given only three months to live, Petrea is now 38 years on from that diagnosis and going strong. When I asked her why she believed she defied the odds, and is still alive and thriving today, she gave me surprising answer. She said, weeping! This is an incredible podcast you do not want to miss.

Episode Notes

Wow! What an incredible conversation with nine time author  Petrea King, who holds a special place in my heart. She is an amazing lady who my mother and father reached out to when my mum was going through her cancer journey. Petrea had a profoundly positive impact on both my parents, and was a large part of the reason my mother outlived her cancer diagnosis by 15 years. In fact, my parents helped Petrea get the Quest for Life Foundation (QFLF) off the ground back in the 1980's.

Since that time, Petrea and the team at QFLF have helped tens of thousands of people living with cancer and other life-challenging illnesses, grief, loss, trauma and tragedy. She is at the forefront of wellness education and is a frequent lecturer at medical and other conferences. Petrea sees crisis as a catalyst for personal growth and understanding and as an opportunity for healing and peace. 

I sat spellbound for this entire conversation with Petrea as she spoke about many wonderful ideas to help every single person on the planet deal with the trauma and suffering that is a part of the human experience. For me, the most profound moment came when she declared that one of the main things that helped her overcome her diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia and just three months to live, was weeping the tears over the following few weeks. This is a conversation that every person needs to hear and a podcast you do not want to miss.

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